Vegan Rebel Bars

11icture of vegan rebel bar choc hazelnut


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11icture of vegan rebel bar choc hazelnut

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Vegan Rebel Bars £2.50

Step aside Snickers, move over Mars Bar, yes you can also bounce off outta here Bounty, the Rebel Bars are making their entrance!

Let us show you how a healthy, rich, indulgent, 100% plant based chocolate bar should be built......

These gluten free bars are compromised of 3 divine layers of pure plant power, the bottom layer is a soft flavour specific protein enriched nougat, topped by an ohhh so gooey raw caramel layer, hand coated bar by bar with a luxurious layer of crunchy 60% vegan belgian chocolate.

Our Vegan Rebel Bars are; high in protein, high in fibre, gluten free and free from any ingredients that sound like they belong more in a chemistry lab than in your food!!

We know rebels won't settle for second rate, so our aim is for you to enjoy eating our treats MORE than the highly processed and refined ingredient alternatives, making adhereing to a healthier lifestyle an enjoyable piece of cake!!

These bars are sold individually so the price you see is for 1 bar

We always strive to keep our treats as macro friendly as possible without compromising on taste.

Our treats are handcrafted at our Sweet Rebellion HQ using natural whole ingredients and dairy/non dairy protein.

Our Vegan Rebel Bars are suitable for vegans/vegetarians, they are gluten free, free from refined sugars and a source of protein.

Our ingredients do not contain unsustainable palm oils

Nutritional Info - Per Bar

Chocolate HazelnutSnickers


-Natural sugars

-Sugars from chocolate


of which saturates


As all our bars are handcrafted there could be slight variations in their size and therefore these macros.


All Rebel Bars caramel flavours contain, almond milk NUTS and peanut butter NUTS 

The chcolate caramel flavour contains hazelnuts NUTS 

The Rebel Caramel Bars need to be kept cool and will keep stored in the fridge in a sealed container for 2 weeks, they are also suitable for home freezing.

They will only need 10/15 minutes to defrost before eating unlike our rebellionaires and shortbread bars which are good to go straight from the freezer.