About Us

About Us

Well hey there rebel!

Welcome to Sweet Rebellion, the sweet treats that will nourish your soul, satisy your sweet tooth and won’t break the macro bank.

Too good to be true?

We bet you a bake it’s not.

Our treats have a more nutrient dense bang for your buck, without doing over your deficit.

Whether you choose the gorgeous goo and crunch of our iconic Rebellionaire, or you trEAT yourself well to a brownie packed with power, a healthier lifestyle just became a piece of cake.

Packed with protein and exploding with flavour , we created these just for you.

So, who is behind your bakes?

Husband and Wife team Ski and Lauren, the founders of Sweet Rebellion are well known for their gym, The House of SK-1, which is famous for shreds that get results, but is also known for the community they've built, the family they have created and for the power and purpose that they pack into every single thing that they do.

We believe that moments matter just as much as movement and macros.

Our Rebel queen Lauren is the nutritional brains behind the bakes, creating the recipes, making sure the macros are right, the goo makes you go “ooooh” and that the crunch munch is on point and perfect.

Then comes in our awesome Rebel baker Kai, he’s our Chief Maker and recipe shaker, he takes the bake reigns and crafts each bar skilfully by hand in our premises. 

Crank up the tunes, passion dialled up to 10, let the kitchen carnage commence, this is one tasty rebellion.

Our amazing Cheryl then lovingly packs up your treat boxes all ready for you to collect and then demolish!

Our mission is to help you live your life to the max and to love the body that you're in.

We believe in:

  • Treats that taste amazing and also make you feel good
  • Community, positivity, and getting the most out of this one prescious life
  • Creating a business that’s sustainable, fun, and leaves a legacy of impact.

Sweet Rebellion: Changing the way you treat yourself.

For good.